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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer 2012: Shopping for university essentials

I think I underestimated how hectic it would be to get myself prepared for university. Oh and also the cost. So far I have gathered a few things which I deem as essentials. I wanted to really make my stuff my own, not just go in with the same old bland stuff from home.

I got this cute little cat doorstop from Matalan on sale for £5. I thought it would be good to get one as it means I can have my door open and say hi to my flatmates as we move in (wanting to be friendly and all). Plus, who doesn't adore cats? The purple gingham print, floral nose and little bell makes this little doorstop look very cute! May also help when I am missing my own kitty's terribly.
'This little piggy gets the job done!'

I picked up this little piggy whisk for about £2 or £3 from TK Maxx, I needed some kitchen utensils and to be honest this little guy was quite adorable. Only trouble is that pink appears to be a recurring theme in my kitchenware and one I am going to have to attempt to stick to.

I got these floral bird mugs in the Next sale for £2 each. I thought they were gorgeous and even though I am not a hot drink lover I knew mugs would be a necessity. Being the sad little woman I am I bought two so that when my boyfriend came over we could chill and have hot drinks together.

It is pretty evident where my plates and bowl came from, being sprawled across the front of them and all. Although Jack Wills is seemingly expensive I got these beauty's in the sale (this is becoming a habit I know, but seriously I am a student and therefore poverty stricken) for £12.50! The plate at £7.50 and the bowl at £5. Here is to hoping no one has the same! Like to be the little individual and all.

Although I only have a few bowls and plates, I have ended up with a 16 piece floral cutlery set from Next and at only £6! I adore floral print so I was delighted when I saw these. I was at first tempted by a set I saw from Cath Kidston. Luckily I did not go ahead and buy it and have managed to save myself £39 in doing so! 

These cute 'Mr and Mrs' salt and pepper pots come from one of my favourite (and the hardest to get to) stores known as Tiger. It is a unique little place selling the quirkiest of home wares. I love the little china doll look of the pot accompanies by her gentleman and his spectacular moustache. These will definitely look interesting in the kitchen!

My new tumblers (notice they are a pair? Cheers James for needing one of everything also) are also from Tiger and are here demonstrated with a mini one (joking, its a little ginger tabby. Gosh my humour is shocking).   I love these as they have orange polka dots all around them and an old doily-esque rim. 

This is only the beginning there is a lot more to come. Why is moving out so damned expensive? Here is to hoping university will be as exciting as searching for all of this!

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