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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer 2012: A meal at the Pink Giraffe, Oxford


In our boredom yesterday evening, me and my mother decided to go out for a meal at the Pink Giraffe. Previously an vegetarian restaurant, this little gem in St. Clements now offers both meat and veggie dishes (using soya and other non-meat alternatives) to suit and Chinese food lover.  Seated by the window, we were presented with 3 menus; the all-you-can-eat buffet, the A la Carte and the drinks. 

We decided that the all-you-can-eat would be the best money saving option and at £15.50 a person it was quite nice on the pocket, especially considering the quality of the food. The all-you-can-eat takes some getting used to. There are 3 courses from which you must select; your starter, second and mains. Desert is not included within this and neither are drinks, not that you would ever have room for desert!. Depending on the amount of people in your party (we only had two; me and my mother) your number of dishes in each category will increase. So as a party of two we were entitled to two starters, a second and three mains. This was more than enough and we did not even finish what we had in front of us!

To accompany the dinner my mother went for the house white, commenting that it was delicious and fruity, with apricot notes. I went for the less sophisticated and more thirst-quenching Coca Cola.  To start we had the vegetable spring rolls and BBQ chicken wings. The spring rolls were fresh and crisp. packed with vegetables where as the BBQ chicken wings were sweet and tangy, a lovely mix of savoury and sweet tastes. 

Our second was the satay chicken skewers. The sauce that accompanied it was heavenly, the best I have ever had in a Chinese restaurant (and Chinese is my favourite food type!). The chicken skewers failed to impress my mother, commenting on how the texture of the meat felt quite fatty, but how it may have been a result of the coating used upon them. 

The mains however, were a lot more impressive. We were asked individually which rice we would prefer, unanimously coming to the decision that egg fried would be best. We chose to try the restaurants speciality dish of chicken in Pink Giraffe style sauce, sweet and sour chicken and chicken with pineapple and cashew nuts. As you can probably gather all chicken dishes, something you will eventually realise is the only meat I eat! All these dishes were accompanied by an array of crisp and fresh vegetables, a symphony of flavours. The chicken with pineapple and cashew nuts was particularly delicious, although all dishes impressed. What was even more impressive was that my mother managed to use chopsticks throughout the entirety of the meal! These mains were accompanied by a mass of egg fried rice and we had prawn crackers throughout the courses to nibble on.

Overall, the meal was lovely. The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere and a quick service. With each course we were presented with new plates and a smile. The meal came to around £40 in total, including a glass or wine, or two! However, you cannot really put a price on a good experience and good company. The Pink Giraffe is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Oxford, it is truly a unique experience in comparison to the other numerous Chinese restaurants in the area. 

Here is to hoping you get a good fortune in your cookie as you leave! 

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