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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Summer 2012: London

The second year of A Levels are a tough battle, one that many think is won after exams.
However, the reality is that there is a long wait till mid-August and a lot of stress and confusion that comes with it. Here is hoping I am a print journalism student at Nottingham Trent University come the end of September! Will definitely keep this updated.

I attempted to get a summer job, that failed. After a seemingly successful interview the news of an ever closer university place swiftly put my potential employers off. Goodbye £6.08 an hour and hello two-and-a-half months of poverty. Most people would enjoy the odd handout, I do not. I feel awful taking money from my mum and do my best to help her out. Hopefully in a few years I can really do her proud and give her all she deserves!

A short trip to London was rather fun. It is amazing how much of a city you miss when you are from the town so I decided to do a spot of sightseeing, bring out the tourist in me. A trip on the London Eye set it all off perfectly. The 4D show that came with the ticket was fascinating, quite breathtaking for a short. We followed this up with a river cruise, a tour of the Tower of London and a ride on the new Emirates-Airline cable car. After a long walk we made a quick dash via tube to Leicester Square. The latter being the most fun as we dashed about locals and tourists in M&M world and searched for delicious baked delights in Chinatown. The Golden Gate Cake Shop is bakery perfection and so unbelievably cheap. Definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

After all the fun of the day I headed down to spend a few days with my Grandmother. She is Irish, tiny and rather hilarious. As I went down with my boyfriend, we spent most of our days spending way to much on the overpriced underground. However, I was delighted when a ticket man at the Tube Station transferred my old and rather bland card for a fabulous limited edition version, Beefeater and all (James got the rather snazzy one with dear old Queen Elizabeth in her Diamond Jubilee glow).

The best day featured a trip to Camden Town, a place well loved by my family and myself. I have an affinity with North London as it is my birthplace and one of the most diverse and vibrant places I know. The poverty in some areas is quite shocking though, saddening when you see the amount of genuine and hard working people about. Once there we set off into the numerous markets, let down by our lack of finds. I say this but my grandmother found a gorgeous dress for £29, which she was willing to pay £69 for in her deafness. Luckily I corrected her... . I am hoping to return there soon in search for some nice vintage clothes. 

The excitement of our day came when we went into the all-you-can-eat buffet Max Orient. Not the best quality but a brilliant selection. The meal including soft drinks came to £33.40 for the three of us. I adore Chinese takeaway and it is definitely worth a visit if you want a good and cheap meal. Otherwise head down the road and get a takeaway box for around £4-£5!

London is such a fabulous place! I am glad I am so close by and it will always be some place I make the effort to visit. Will be there again soon for the Olympic closing ceremony in Hyde Park! 


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