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Monday, 31 October 2011


The recent protests at St Paul's Cathedral in London have resulted in the resignation of the Dean Graeme Knowles. 

The Rev has struggled with the two week long protest at the Cathedral and claims that his position has become 'untenable'. This resignation springs from the Deans recent controversial statement that approved the use of legal action against protesters. He steps down so that a new leadership may be exercised and is greatly saddened in doing so.

The protests have been progressing for a number of weeks upon the site of the Cathedral. These protests spring from the beliefs of anti-capitalist protesters which has led to the place of worship being closed for several days.

City of London authorities have now ordered protesters that all tents (in an excess of 200) and additional equipment must be removed from the site within the next 48 hours to avoid any legal action, also stating that this is not an order to remove protesters.

The Planning and Transportation Committee within London have also backed the removal of the encampment as the ground of St Paul's is an unreasonable use of the highway.

The struggles at St Paul's continues.

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