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Friday, 21 October 2011


It has recently come to the attention of many that university are considering lowering their staggering fees.
The English government decided that from 2012 higher tuition fees would be paid at a near trebled rate of up to £9000, as their White Paper on higher education set out numerous policy changes. The ability to increase was confirmed in July of this year, leaving many prospective students in a state of terror.

However, many universirties are now considering a reduction in the monumental price.
This is good news for the thousands of students currently preparing their university applications.
Both fees and bursary prices were set in April before the government announced that there would be further change. It may shock many that Scottish students studying within Scotland pay nothing for their university education and that Welsh students costs are subsidised throughout the United Kingdom.

OFFA (The Office for Fair Accsess) have stated that up to twenty eight universities are considering cutting their average fees to around £7500 or less and that many are already in the process of doing so. However there are around 130 universities and places of higher education in the country and this means uncertainty of fee levels for applicants currently in the process of applying.

Any changes are to be submitted by the univeristy in November and to be confirmed by the end of the month.

In order to raise fees above £6000 and give the more disadvantaged students a chance, OFFA has to be satisfied that the university is offering enough support. However both OFFA and the governent are hopeful that more universities will consider lowering their fees and that the maximum will only be charged in extreme circumstances.

Any changes of fees will be sent directly to students applying, enabling them to change their university choices before the UCAS deadline of the 15th January 2012.

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