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Monday, 1 August 2011

Work/ Work Experiance

Times are getting pretty tough.
I know this year is going to be manic.
I must successfully gain all my A Level qualifications, get all necessary work experience, apply for a bursary, choose my university's and get a damned job!
A bit of a task for someone who is just about to turn 18.

I am thinking, when I get back from Paris, that I may apply for some part time work in a pub. I like the atmosphere of it all and to be honest it seems relatively simple. I would have to however perfect pulling a pint, and with my clumsy nature I can see that messing up.

I need work experience to boost myself for university. As I want to do journalism it is necessary to have as much experience as humanly possible. I am going to get myself in contact with numerous sites, magazines and newspapers and pray for the best. I would love to write about travel one day, that would truly be my dream. Sitting back upon white sand on the island of Bora Bora reminiscing on its beauty. Ah, sounds ideal.

Choosing university's is proving difficult as I need to be on an accredited course and I am considering James. We both want to stay together so we have to decide pretty swiftly what we want to do. He preferably wants to be in London and I love the idea. My dream would be Bournemouth but I honestly do not think I will get the grades. It is the best in the country for what I want to do.

Hopefully all will go to plan!

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