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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Live Review: The Midnight Beast - Oxford O2 Academy

It is not often a queue for the Oxford O2 Academy winds down more than one street. Even more rare is for the said queue to consist entirely of pre pubescent squealers. As we readied ourselves for the night ahead we strolled into the venue, nearly an hour after doors opened.

We were disappointed to find the supporting act ‘Joe Setz’ playing a club mix before attempting to DJ. He did however prove to thrill the younger audience, who probably thought of the opening to their evening as their first taste of club life. It did however prove to be a weird atmosphere to set up such a cutesy pop set.

However, as soon as The Midnight Beast took the stage we could tell it would be an interesting set. Introducing themselves in patterned onesies their vibrant energy circulated around the room. The teeny boppers went wild, their screeches almost deafining anyone past their adolescence.

During their performance of ‘House Party’ the trio donned brunette wigs and sung Rebecca Blacks ‘Friday’. It seems the theme of popular culture was used throughout as we were introduced to ‘Just another boy band’ with the nationwide known X Factor theme tune.

It seemed that the boys stuck to their YouTube roots as they maintained their home made ethos. Offering a variety of props and quirky additions to their set, including bubbles, foam swords and a very large mask of Kanye Wests imposing head. Their rather unfortunate out-of-sync dance routines seemed more evident against their attractive backing dancers, whom kept the older ladies ogling throughout. Although terrible with their moves they did improve as the set progressed and their vocal performance was well rehearsed and brilliant.

For the oddly titled and some what irrelevant ‘Pizza in Ibiza’ the backing dancers sprung out once more, looking delicious dressed as pepperoni and mushroom pizzas. Unfortunately there seemed to be no vegetarian option.

The parody of Jay Sean’s identically titled ‘Down’ proved a comical delight. Seeing Stefan Abingdon donning a foam six pack and with knobbly knees and hideous boxers galore. Their adorable pop continued with ‘Friends For Never’ dedicated to an ecstatic female fan.
‘Ninja’ proved interesting as the primary colours lit up the stage. With an oriental introduction and more marvellous props, the audience watched in awe as the Teletubbies Dipsy (green) and Po (red) became very sexually explicit upon the stage.

The final song choice came as no surprise as they began the oh-so-famous parody ‘Tik Tok’. Claiming it was in fact Ke$ha, who did a parody of their music. It was nice to see the boys pay their respects as they maintained the original lyrics which refer to the late singer.

The Midnight Beast proved to be an incredibly adorable, fast paced and energetic band to see. Even worth being surrounded by their intense younger fans. Although one of the shortest sets I have attended the boys left their audience entertained and lively.  Although I was dissapointed to find that there was no encore, although understandable considering the boys limited songs.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Work/ Work Experiance

Times are getting pretty tough.
I know this year is going to be manic.
I must successfully gain all my A Level qualifications, get all necessary work experience, apply for a bursary, choose my university's and get a damned job!
A bit of a task for someone who is just about to turn 18.

I am thinking, when I get back from Paris, that I may apply for some part time work in a pub. I like the atmosphere of it all and to be honest it seems relatively simple. I would have to however perfect pulling a pint, and with my clumsy nature I can see that messing up.

I need work experience to boost myself for university. As I want to do journalism it is necessary to have as much experience as humanly possible. I am going to get myself in contact with numerous sites, magazines and newspapers and pray for the best. I would love to write about travel one day, that would truly be my dream. Sitting back upon white sand on the island of Bora Bora reminiscing on its beauty. Ah, sounds ideal.

Choosing university's is proving difficult as I need to be on an accredited course and I am considering James. We both want to stay together so we have to decide pretty swiftly what we want to do. He preferably wants to be in London and I love the idea. My dream would be Bournemouth but I honestly do not think I will get the grades. It is the best in the country for what I want to do.

Hopefully all will go to plan!


Now do not get me wrong, I love Rihanna, it is just lately she has been taking her image into overkill.
I mean, I was the first to defend her right to elaborate lyrics (remember the musical gem S&M?)
It is just I have got to the stage where I am sick of seeing her half naked self on every damned magazine and website I dare venture on to.
The cute girly image is long gone.

I mean look at this:

This is what she wore to the 2011 Grammys

2011 Brit Awards

A 'cultural' event in Barbados

Classy eh?

It is truly sad when talent is over run by an artists image.
This was a girl who broke records in the charts.
They say sex sells but god she is killing it.