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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Truck Fesitval

This weekend (22nd-24th July) is Truck Festival.

The festival is pretty local to me and is getting more expansive by the year.
They have now added a new stage (Clash stage) and are even including features such as showers.

Luckily I avoided the £80 plus cost this year as I will be reviewing the festival on my site
I do love the perks of it all I am not going to lie.
We get to camp in a private crew section, if desired and can use all their lighting, internet and cheaper food services.
Having access to the press area will be such bliss when I need to relax for a moment.

Problems do arise however when you are broke as hell and must find they money for a tent, food and alcohol.
James has the tent covered apparently and we are going to go and buy one today.
I am just praying it does not rain.
I do not fancy being flooded in a flimsy single skinned tent, those things are to damned expensive these days.

As for the food issue I am pretty good at budgeting.
Last year both me and James spent the least out of all our friends on food and still had some left over!
Hopefully mum will be genrous with her donations to the drinks fund.

It is going to be a messy weekend.

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