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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Reviews: Truck Festival 2011

For many years Truck has been renowned for its local and friendly atmosphere, as extremely independent as they come. However with its success, has come an expansion of the festival, and it has become apparent that Truck is starting to make a serious name for itself across the UK. It appears also that Truck still holds its keen interest in public satisfaction, taking into account Truck goers views and evidently improving each year. Further proof of this comes in a form of a survey, enabling Truck goers to make their opinions clear and offering the chance to win tickets to next years festivities.
It appears that Truck is beginning to spread its wings and has started to imitate larger festivals within the UK. This year Truck goers were graced with an extra day,  revamped site, an additional stage (the very popular Clash Stage), showers and reasonably priced charge points, a first in the history of Truck. The number of artists performing has also increased dramatically, with Truck goers having access to over 140 artists.
The festival has also become more family orientated. Making it more accessible to young and old alike, by introducing a separate and quite campsite, a childlike village filled with entertainers and mystery, enabling an all more comfortable experience.
However Truck has not left the developing and sometimes more vibrant generation. Boxford Dance Village still remains, an area dedicated to the fast paced, all-night-long party desperado’s and oh was it thrilling. The area offered numerous genres such as:  house, disco, garage, dub step, techno, reggae and electronica.  The most anticipated act of the weekend appeared to be the Dub Politics DJs feat MC Linguistics. Desperately awaiting Saturday night a group of teenagers  swiftly dashed to Boxford. The set began at 23:30 and offered a thrilling dub step performance, keeping pulses racing throughout the night.
A disappointing factor however, is that Truck has yet to grasp any nationwide musical giants. Much to the dismay of Truck goers reluctant to pay the seemingly reasonable £100 weekend ticket. Alas, the festival appeared to have gained quite an audience and tents were crammed in making the whole experience a lot more communal. Being camped adjacent to the Last FM Stage had it’s positives and negatives. One positive came from an early Friday performance at 18:00  by Oxford-based rapper Mr ShaoDow. Lively as ever, Mr ShaoDow went through numerous of his older tracks such as ‘R U Stoopid!?!’ and the slightly risqu√© ‘Look Out’. Afterward he casually strolled around with the public and talked at great length with his fans, commenting on how pleased he was with the increased number of albums he had sold lately.
The liveliest night of Truck always has been and always will be Saturday and this years headliners and main stage acts did not dissapoint. Saturday at noon we were graced with the upbeat and lively Alphabet Backwards, an adorably awkward act that bounced about the stage during their brief but sweet set. It appeared that their jolly nature kept the audience happy throughout the morning as people strolled in an upbeat manner enjoying all the cheap food and drink on offer.
Later that night the main stage turned  wild as headliners Young Knives took to the stage. Whether the audience had been riled by a bit of pre-drinking is questionable and with the relaxed atmosphere from the morning gone the crowd was now at its feet. The introductory song ‘Woman’ from the bands new album ‘Ornaments from the Silver Arcade’ presented itself as repetitive, and vocalist Henry Dartnall’s distance shockingly did not dissuade the enthusiasm of the crowd. The single ‘Millionaire’ however really got people going, enthusing manic death circles and mosh pits, much to the crowd security’s dismay, the band truly got the party started.
To conclude a weekend of madness Boxford offered the resolution of where to go once more. Sunday night offered the incredible Ed Steele & Kostas G B2B. A duo specializing in house and techno that held its crowd from start to finish (23:00 – 02:30).  The throng of people danced the night away, refusing to simmer down and remaining on the floor till close, dissapointed by the early finish.
Overall Truck has improved majorly, introducing many more facilities and creating an atmosphere to suit all musical tastes. It seems that all Truck can do now is improve and even without the big names everyone still seemed to have a fantastic time.

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