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Monday, 4 July 2011


I can truly not stop thinking about Paris, I am so excited.

For my 18th birthday my mum has decided to give me a holiday as my present.
Even though I believe it to be way to expensive I am pretty thankful for it.
I have not been out of the United Kingdom for what seems like 5 years.
I have had a free choice of where to go (my family wanted me to stick to Europe preferably as they are a bit worried about me being to far from home) but found it near impossible to decide.
As I am going with my boyfriend I begged him to think up some ideas.
He chose Paris!

I decided that we should go by coach even though airfare is pretty cheap.
I want the experience to last as long as possible.
Even though me and my boyfriend see each other pretty often we never get true uninterrupted alone time.
This will be our first holiday alone together and I want it to be as fun as possible.
Boys can be pretty useless when it comes to planning and I think the Paris idea was not swayed by romance but by Disneyland Paris.
Alas, I can not wait!

Looking into the typical tourist attractions I have found a huge array of stuff to do.
I am one of those people who gets pretty nervous if I am unsure of a place so I want to make sure we know exactly where we were going.
Studying the Metro I have already managed to pinpoint all the stuff we want to see and do.

Asking James what he wants to do first (Other than Disneyland!) he stated the obvious, the Eiffel Tower.
Unlike James, I have been to Paris before and adored the Eiffel Tower.
I begged my mum to allow me to take the stairs, upon which I ran to the second floor from the bottom, I was young and a lot fitter then.
However as a child I was to scared to ascend to the third floor.
James has made it clear that it is imperative we go up there and he will treat me to a glass of champagne. Yummy!

I have a pretty vast itinerary but want to also stray from the oh so typical tourist stuff.
Researching I found loads of other things to do while away.
Even though known, people often miss going to the Catacombs while in Paris.
I am pretty excited about them and the eerie nature of it all.
Going into the tombs of over 6 million dead is not the most romantic thing in the world!

Me and James also adore parks.
I prefer theme parks and he loves water parks.
As I knew we would be going to Disneyland from the offset I began to wonder whether Paris would have a small water park of its own.
To my surprise it does and this is no tiny park.
The water park is named Aquaboulevard and it looks amazing!
There are numerous water slides, rides, waves and general aqua fun.
Only downside is James has to wear tight fitting trunks (I am going to love seeing that)

As this is going to be straight after my 18th birthday there is no way I am going to shy from the clubs.
No language barriers would put me off.
Paris nightlife looks pretty amazing too.
The clubs start later and run straight into the morning (no 3am ends in Paris!)
I am also desperate to attend the renowned Disney Eurotrash party.
This is basically a club night where you get dressed up and go wild.
Taking a peek at videos the night looks mad, nothing like I've ever seen before!
I also would like to have a look at the famous Rex and perhaps visit Batofar (a night club on a boat!)

Thinking back to home I have already been informed by my family on the presents they desire.
I have decided to treat both mine and my boyfriends mum to a box of macaroon from LadurĂ©e .
Although expensive they look beautiful and are presented so nicely.
I am pretty desperate to try them myself authentically in the actual shop!

There is so much to do I doubt we'll have the time in the week.
I am also interested in a Seine cruise, Notre dame, Montparrnasse 56, Arc de Triomphe, Tuileries Gardens and Air de Paris.

I want this holiday to be the best time of my life, full of sunrises and new experiences.
I am hoping also, to get a camera for my birthday so that I may take lots of pictures!
Paris can be such a picturesque place. 

I just know it is going to be perfect as I am sharing it with the most perfect person :)

Au revior!

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