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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Holiday Update

Ok, I have not blogged in a while but I am going a bit holiday crazy.
Actually I am just generally going crazy.

This past week there have been numerous joyful and horrid events.

I will begin with the negative and hope to swiftly move on from it.
My uncle Andrew is possibly unwell, it is possible that there is something wrong with his heart.
He has an ECG this up and coming Tuesday.
I am praying he will be ok.
He is my rock, and like a father to me.
I love him dearly and to think anything could be wrong is killing me.
I have already lost one uncle and I do not wish to lose another.

On to the positives.

I have secured to press passes to Truck Festival (22nd-24th).
All I need now is a tent, drink and some food rations.
I went last year also and it was a pretty good scene.
Hopefully this year will top it, just hoping for some good weather now.

My passport is almost sorted!
Tomorrow morning I must call to arrange my interview and I shall get the first date I can.
Problem? Ah there is always one!
The nearest interview office is in Reading.
Me being in Oxford that is a train ride away totally £8 return, no sneaky child fares for me anymore.
James says he will come along with me and I think we are going to see the last installment of Harry Potter using the best offer to ever grace this earth, Orange Wednesdays.
Once the interview lark is over and done with my passport should arrive within two days.
With my holiday being in exactly three weeks time this is closely cutting it, however I think I am going to just make it.

Alas Paris is coming up so quickly and it is putting me in a fluster.
I feel some what organized though.
I cashed my first bit of money into euros the other day.
I have over 200 euros put away, in which James quickly labelled as 'Disneyland money :D'
Not long till I am in the city of lights...

On Tuesday I am off to Bouremouth for the day with James.
I am praying for good weather and I shall dive in the sea regardless.
I love the seaside way to much, it is so peaceful and relaxing.
A day of swimming, sandcastles and shopping.
What more could a girl ask for?
Ooh and some decent fish and chips!

Now that my birthday is coming up pretty swiftly I have started to ponder on the idea of a tattoo again.
I really know I should not but it is oh so tempting.
Maybe something small and intimate to start off?
I am thinking of the word 'love' and a small heart behind my ear in a beautiful teal colour.
Decisions kill me and with a minimum charge of forty pounds is it really worth it?

So this week is pretty busy and there is so much ahead.
It is certainly becoming one hell of a summer.

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