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Thursday, 7 July 2011

The BFI IMAX Experience - Transformers 3

Yesterday was amazing.
No word of a lie.

I arranged to meet James for six in Headington as that is where we had to get our coach to London.

As it was pretty damn early, when he finally arrived, we decided to go for a meal.
He treated me to a meal in Posh Fish and it was lovely.
Cheeseburger for him and veggieburger for myself :)
By the time we'd finished it was gone eight!

So we wandered to the european food shop and got some snacks.
Alas, we wasted money on these as we were way to stuffed.
Also James lost £20 :(
This hardly ruined the night though and we had a bit of a laugh about it.

Getting on the coach it only cost £11 return each as it was past 3pm.

The journey was pretty swift and we arrived in London in no time.
As we were way to early for the viewing we decided to have a wander.
We ended up at Buckingham Palace and had a laugh at the beef eaters marching up and down.
We then took a stroll through St. James park before eventually coming to the Thames.

As we crossed the bridge near Big Ben and the House of Parliament, James got a shock as the London Eye loomed closed.
I do not think he realized it was quite so big...
Alas, we were pretty disappointed when we realized that it had just closed as we wanted to take a spin on it.

Walking on wards Waterloo was only five minutes away, so we took ourselves into the station and sat down to relax monetarily.
This involved us desperately needing the toilet.
James getting in for free and me avoiding the 30p charge by squeezing through the barrier.
Alas, my sneaky nature had led to two huge bruises.

As we left the station we quickly went under the brightly lit and smothered in literature subway.
The BFI IMAX is literally adjacent to the station and so beautiful.
As we entered the circular building it looked amazing inside.
The staff were lovely and the carpet was a very vibrant and glamorous red.
As we made our way up the staircase to the second floor to await the movie we placed ourselves in the most comfortable leather sofa's.

We had an hour to wait for the film to begin at twenty past midnight and the time flew by.
The suspense was unreal, me and James sat there in awe at the vibrations from the film showing beforehand.
As the foyer began to burst we quickly dashed to get some sweet popcorn and I was delighted to see it was handed to me in an old school vintage paper bag.
Was not overly costly either, a large popcorn being around £4.80.

As we walked through the doors into the cinema I swooned as I looked up, I nudged James and told him to do so also and it was a very unreal experience.
Our dizzy selves settled as we took our seats.
The screen was huge. So big in fact, that you could only see it in front of you, the walls were not even visible.
As the movie was about to start a member of staff was put under spotlight and welcomed us to the film, telling us to enjoy ourselves. That we did.

The film was mad, 3D effects the best I'd ever seen and the sound so clear you would of though you were there. An amazing night topped off by a lot of laughs and jokes on the way home.

Arriving back in Oxford at around 6am, me and James crawled into his bed and slept the afternoon away...

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