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Friday, 29 July 2011

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Reviews: Truck Festival 2011

For many years Truck has been renowned for its local and friendly atmosphere, as extremely independent as they come. However with its success, has come an expansion of the festival, and it has become apparent that Truck is starting to make a serious name for itself across the UK. It appears also that Truck still holds its keen interest in public satisfaction, taking into account Truck goers views and evidently improving each year. Further proof of this comes in a form of a survey, enabling Truck goers to make their opinions clear and offering the chance to win tickets to next years festivities.
It appears that Truck is beginning to spread its wings and has started to imitate larger festivals within the UK. This year Truck goers were graced with an extra day,  revamped site, an additional stage (the very popular Clash Stage), showers and reasonably priced charge points, a first in the history of Truck. The number of artists performing has also increased dramatically, with Truck goers having access to over 140 artists.
The festival has also become more family orientated. Making it more accessible to young and old alike, by introducing a separate and quite campsite, a childlike village filled with entertainers and mystery, enabling an all more comfortable experience.
However Truck has not left the developing and sometimes more vibrant generation. Boxford Dance Village still remains, an area dedicated to the fast paced, all-night-long party desperado’s and oh was it thrilling. The area offered numerous genres such as:  house, disco, garage, dub step, techno, reggae and electronica.  The most anticipated act of the weekend appeared to be the Dub Politics DJs feat MC Linguistics. Desperately awaiting Saturday night a group of teenagers  swiftly dashed to Boxford. The set began at 23:30 and offered a thrilling dub step performance, keeping pulses racing throughout the night.
A disappointing factor however, is that Truck has yet to grasp any nationwide musical giants. Much to the dismay of Truck goers reluctant to pay the seemingly reasonable £100 weekend ticket. Alas, the festival appeared to have gained quite an audience and tents were crammed in making the whole experience a lot more communal. Being camped adjacent to the Last FM Stage had it’s positives and negatives. One positive came from an early Friday performance at 18:00  by Oxford-based rapper Mr ShaoDow. Lively as ever, Mr ShaoDow went through numerous of his older tracks such as ‘R U Stoopid!?!’ and the slightly risqué ‘Look Out’. Afterward he casually strolled around with the public and talked at great length with his fans, commenting on how pleased he was with the increased number of albums he had sold lately.
The liveliest night of Truck always has been and always will be Saturday and this years headliners and main stage acts did not dissapoint. Saturday at noon we were graced with the upbeat and lively Alphabet Backwards, an adorably awkward act that bounced about the stage during their brief but sweet set. It appeared that their jolly nature kept the audience happy throughout the morning as people strolled in an upbeat manner enjoying all the cheap food and drink on offer.
Later that night the main stage turned  wild as headliners Young Knives took to the stage. Whether the audience had been riled by a bit of pre-drinking is questionable and with the relaxed atmosphere from the morning gone the crowd was now at its feet. The introductory song ‘Woman’ from the bands new album ‘Ornaments from the Silver Arcade’ presented itself as repetitive, and vocalist Henry Dartnall’s distance shockingly did not dissuade the enthusiasm of the crowd. The single ‘Millionaire’ however really got people going, enthusing manic death circles and mosh pits, much to the crowd security’s dismay, the band truly got the party started.
To conclude a weekend of madness Boxford offered the resolution of where to go once more. Sunday night offered the incredible Ed Steele & Kostas G B2B. A duo specializing in house and techno that held its crowd from start to finish (23:00 – 02:30).  The throng of people danced the night away, refusing to simmer down and remaining on the floor till close, dissapointed by the early finish.
Overall Truck has improved majorly, introducing many more facilities and creating an atmosphere to suit all musical tastes. It seems that all Truck can do now is improve and even without the big names everyone still seemed to have a fantastic time.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Truck Fesitval

This weekend (22nd-24th July) is Truck Festival.

The festival is pretty local to me and is getting more expansive by the year.
They have now added a new stage (Clash stage) and are even including features such as showers.

Luckily I avoided the £80 plus cost this year as I will be reviewing the festival on my site
I do love the perks of it all I am not going to lie.
We get to camp in a private crew section, if desired and can use all their lighting, internet and cheaper food services.
Having access to the press area will be such bliss when I need to relax for a moment.

Problems do arise however when you are broke as hell and must find they money for a tent, food and alcohol.
James has the tent covered apparently and we are going to go and buy one today.
I am just praying it does not rain.
I do not fancy being flooded in a flimsy single skinned tent, those things are to damned expensive these days.

As for the food issue I am pretty good at budgeting.
Last year both me and James spent the least out of all our friends on food and still had some left over!
Hopefully mum will be genrous with her donations to the drinks fund.

It is going to be a messy weekend.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Holiday Update

Ok, I have not blogged in a while but I am going a bit holiday crazy.
Actually I am just generally going crazy.

This past week there have been numerous joyful and horrid events.

I will begin with the negative and hope to swiftly move on from it.
My uncle Andrew is possibly unwell, it is possible that there is something wrong with his heart.
He has an ECG this up and coming Tuesday.
I am praying he will be ok.
He is my rock, and like a father to me.
I love him dearly and to think anything could be wrong is killing me.
I have already lost one uncle and I do not wish to lose another.

On to the positives.

I have secured to press passes to Truck Festival (22nd-24th).
All I need now is a tent, drink and some food rations.
I went last year also and it was a pretty good scene.
Hopefully this year will top it, just hoping for some good weather now.

My passport is almost sorted!
Tomorrow morning I must call to arrange my interview and I shall get the first date I can.
Problem? Ah there is always one!
The nearest interview office is in Reading.
Me being in Oxford that is a train ride away totally £8 return, no sneaky child fares for me anymore.
James says he will come along with me and I think we are going to see the last installment of Harry Potter using the best offer to ever grace this earth, Orange Wednesdays.
Once the interview lark is over and done with my passport should arrive within two days.
With my holiday being in exactly three weeks time this is closely cutting it, however I think I am going to just make it.

Alas Paris is coming up so quickly and it is putting me in a fluster.
I feel some what organized though.
I cashed my first bit of money into euros the other day.
I have over 200 euros put away, in which James quickly labelled as 'Disneyland money :D'
Not long till I am in the city of lights...

On Tuesday I am off to Bouremouth for the day with James.
I am praying for good weather and I shall dive in the sea regardless.
I love the seaside way to much, it is so peaceful and relaxing.
A day of swimming, sandcastles and shopping.
What more could a girl ask for?
Ooh and some decent fish and chips!

Now that my birthday is coming up pretty swiftly I have started to ponder on the idea of a tattoo again.
I really know I should not but it is oh so tempting.
Maybe something small and intimate to start off?
I am thinking of the word 'love' and a small heart behind my ear in a beautiful teal colour.
Decisions kill me and with a minimum charge of forty pounds is it really worth it?

So this week is pretty busy and there is so much ahead.
It is certainly becoming one hell of a summer.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

The BFI IMAX Experience - Transformers 3

Yesterday was amazing.
No word of a lie.

I arranged to meet James for six in Headington as that is where we had to get our coach to London.

As it was pretty damn early, when he finally arrived, we decided to go for a meal.
He treated me to a meal in Posh Fish and it was lovely.
Cheeseburger for him and veggieburger for myself :)
By the time we'd finished it was gone eight!

So we wandered to the european food shop and got some snacks.
Alas, we wasted money on these as we were way to stuffed.
Also James lost £20 :(
This hardly ruined the night though and we had a bit of a laugh about it.

Getting on the coach it only cost £11 return each as it was past 3pm.

The journey was pretty swift and we arrived in London in no time.
As we were way to early for the viewing we decided to have a wander.
We ended up at Buckingham Palace and had a laugh at the beef eaters marching up and down.
We then took a stroll through St. James park before eventually coming to the Thames.

As we crossed the bridge near Big Ben and the House of Parliament, James got a shock as the London Eye loomed closed.
I do not think he realized it was quite so big...
Alas, we were pretty disappointed when we realized that it had just closed as we wanted to take a spin on it.

Walking on wards Waterloo was only five minutes away, so we took ourselves into the station and sat down to relax monetarily.
This involved us desperately needing the toilet.
James getting in for free and me avoiding the 30p charge by squeezing through the barrier.
Alas, my sneaky nature had led to two huge bruises.

As we left the station we quickly went under the brightly lit and smothered in literature subway.
The BFI IMAX is literally adjacent to the station and so beautiful.
As we entered the circular building it looked amazing inside.
The staff were lovely and the carpet was a very vibrant and glamorous red.
As we made our way up the staircase to the second floor to await the movie we placed ourselves in the most comfortable leather sofa's.

We had an hour to wait for the film to begin at twenty past midnight and the time flew by.
The suspense was unreal, me and James sat there in awe at the vibrations from the film showing beforehand.
As the foyer began to burst we quickly dashed to get some sweet popcorn and I was delighted to see it was handed to me in an old school vintage paper bag.
Was not overly costly either, a large popcorn being around £4.80.

As we walked through the doors into the cinema I swooned as I looked up, I nudged James and told him to do so also and it was a very unreal experience.
Our dizzy selves settled as we took our seats.
The screen was huge. So big in fact, that you could only see it in front of you, the walls were not even visible.
As the movie was about to start a member of staff was put under spotlight and welcomed us to the film, telling us to enjoy ourselves. That we did.

The film was mad, 3D effects the best I'd ever seen and the sound so clear you would of though you were there. An amazing night topped off by a lot of laughs and jokes on the way home.

Arriving back in Oxford at around 6am, me and James crawled into his bed and slept the afternoon away...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


So tomorrow I am off to the BFI IMAX in London, Waterloo with James.
I am pretty excited as I have heard the experience is amazing.

As I knew James was desperate to see Transformers 3 I bought the tickets pretty swiftly.
This does lead to a bit of a problem however...
I am now going to have to watch both Transformers 1 and 2 this evening so that I will actually understand the film.

We will be going to a midnight viewing as to be honest, if you do not book like a week or more in advance the seat choices are awful.
Luckily, as it is going to be so late we are to be sat very centrally.
The screen is the biggest in the UK apparently so knowing me I will be terrified in every fight scene.
Especially having 3d car robots flying in my face...

I am pretty excited though. 
Will probably end up heading down to London earlier and having a look around. 
Going to be a good night! :)

Monday, 4 July 2011


I can truly not stop thinking about Paris, I am so excited.

For my 18th birthday my mum has decided to give me a holiday as my present.
Even though I believe it to be way to expensive I am pretty thankful for it.
I have not been out of the United Kingdom for what seems like 5 years.
I have had a free choice of where to go (my family wanted me to stick to Europe preferably as they are a bit worried about me being to far from home) but found it near impossible to decide.
As I am going with my boyfriend I begged him to think up some ideas.
He chose Paris!

I decided that we should go by coach even though airfare is pretty cheap.
I want the experience to last as long as possible.
Even though me and my boyfriend see each other pretty often we never get true uninterrupted alone time.
This will be our first holiday alone together and I want it to be as fun as possible.
Boys can be pretty useless when it comes to planning and I think the Paris idea was not swayed by romance but by Disneyland Paris.
Alas, I can not wait!

Looking into the typical tourist attractions I have found a huge array of stuff to do.
I am one of those people who gets pretty nervous if I am unsure of a place so I want to make sure we know exactly where we were going.
Studying the Metro I have already managed to pinpoint all the stuff we want to see and do.

Asking James what he wants to do first (Other than Disneyland!) he stated the obvious, the Eiffel Tower.
Unlike James, I have been to Paris before and adored the Eiffel Tower.
I begged my mum to allow me to take the stairs, upon which I ran to the second floor from the bottom, I was young and a lot fitter then.
However as a child I was to scared to ascend to the third floor.
James has made it clear that it is imperative we go up there and he will treat me to a glass of champagne. Yummy!

I have a pretty vast itinerary but want to also stray from the oh so typical tourist stuff.
Researching I found loads of other things to do while away.
Even though known, people often miss going to the Catacombs while in Paris.
I am pretty excited about them and the eerie nature of it all.
Going into the tombs of over 6 million dead is not the most romantic thing in the world!

Me and James also adore parks.
I prefer theme parks and he loves water parks.
As I knew we would be going to Disneyland from the offset I began to wonder whether Paris would have a small water park of its own.
To my surprise it does and this is no tiny park.
The water park is named Aquaboulevard and it looks amazing!
There are numerous water slides, rides, waves and general aqua fun.
Only downside is James has to wear tight fitting trunks (I am going to love seeing that)

As this is going to be straight after my 18th birthday there is no way I am going to shy from the clubs.
No language barriers would put me off.
Paris nightlife looks pretty amazing too.
The clubs start later and run straight into the morning (no 3am ends in Paris!)
I am also desperate to attend the renowned Disney Eurotrash party.
This is basically a club night where you get dressed up and go wild.
Taking a peek at videos the night looks mad, nothing like I've ever seen before!
I also would like to have a look at the famous Rex and perhaps visit Batofar (a night club on a boat!)

Thinking back to home I have already been informed by my family on the presents they desire.
I have decided to treat both mine and my boyfriends mum to a box of macaroon from Ladurée .
Although expensive they look beautiful and are presented so nicely.
I am pretty desperate to try them myself authentically in the actual shop!

There is so much to do I doubt we'll have the time in the week.
I am also interested in a Seine cruise, Notre dame, Montparrnasse 56, Arc de Triomphe, Tuileries Gardens and Air de Paris.

I want this holiday to be the best time of my life, full of sunrises and new experiences.
I am hoping also, to get a camera for my birthday so that I may take lots of pictures!
Paris can be such a picturesque place. 

I just know it is going to be perfect as I am sharing it with the most perfect person :)

Au revior!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Motel - Dalphine Cosmic Dress

Ok I am a huge fan of Motel ( and have been for many years.
The vibrancy and fit of their clothes is perfect and I always feel lovely wearing them.
I have always found it difficult to find flattering dresses but Motel never fail to impress.

As my 18th is coming up soon I have been going on a bit of a dress hunt.
When I found this at only £15 I almost died of shock.

I am glad I checked their official site actually as otherwise I may have been lumped with £42 con.

This is the dress:

The print is just beautiful and the neckline looks so flattering.
The back details is pretty interesting too.

Looks like I'll be wearing this on August 6th ;)